A nature inspired necklace with round brilliant cut diamonds set in pink gold

Gold: 78.75g
Diamonds: 12.48ct

A three layered elegant necklace with fancy yellow diamonds and white diamonds.

Gold: 141.17g
Diamonds: 61.19ct

A striking design of scattered diamonds of various shapes forms this collar necklace.

Gold: 141.17g
Diamonds: 61.19ct

Diamonds mesh necklace with interchangeable color stones.

Gold: 126.00g
Diamonds: 30.87g

A classic linked necklace in yellow gold and diamonds

Gold: 65.15g
Diamonds: 9.20ct

A 36 inch chain in natural Amethyst, citrine, praseolite and blue topaz gemstones set in 18k yellow gold.

Gold: 15.99g
Gemstone: 327.85ct